How B-A-N-G Started 
We are Dollins, Jeta and Eric, founders of B-A-N-G. We created B-A-N-G to provide you with a truly liberating experience while you enjoy your favorite activities.
Jeta always had an eye for fashionable clothing and I was passionate about fitness. And after months of research and listening to people’s concerns, we decided to create a line that would bridge the gap between workout clothing and everyday wear. Our stylish design and specially formulated fabric give you a sexy look while providing a 100% comfortable fit for you.
Our Beliefs
Inclusivity - Affordability - High End Quality - Body Positivity 
At B-A-N-G, we strive to provide high quality athleisure wear at an affordable price without compromising quality. Our promise is to deliver high end merchandise that is suitable for all shapes and sizes. We hope to attain and achieve inclusivity through our core values, products and B-A-N-G out the best of you.
What We Represent
We are three guys making it through hard work, dedication and most importantly a strong belief in ourselves and we encourage an entrepreneurial spirit among the youth in our community. 
Don’t forget to tag us in your B-A-N-G outfit: @_bangofficial_ and share it on your favorite social media platform.